Nickson Industries started their business in 1959 with a goal of designing exhaust hardware and packaging that would be a major step-up in quality. They established a motto of “Design makes the difference” and everything they do adheres to that motto. Nickson customers can expect an overall performance level second to none. It is why Nickson is considered the leader in the manufacturing of exhaust hardware accessories. Customers appreciate the fact that Nickson spends considerable time and effort in research and development of their products. As a result they have obtained more patents for their products then the rest of the industry combined. This has resulted in many famous firsts, such as:

Nickson was the first to introduce heavy duty muffler clamps to the aftermarket. This represented a substantial upgrade in the quality of muffler clamps especially since they took both the Ford and GM OE designs and improved on them. In addition they upgraded the packaging as well.

Nickson introduced the first of their many patented exhaust hardware products entitled the “TPH 360 “Swinger” Tailpipe Hanger. It is still the most widely used hanger in the entire industry.

Another of Nickson's unique and effective product designs is the Clamp-A-Stud. This innovative product addresses the most difficult job under a car, that being a broken manifold stud. It is considered by many customers to be an outstanding “Good Will” product due to its' ability to save time and labor.

For over fifty (54) years Nickson has continually searched for additional new problem solving products by examining OE part assemblies to determine how best to modify or re-invent a part to work more efficient and economically.

We also attempt to design our parts to be as universal as possible so they can be used on multiple applications.

Nickson has a very loyal customer base that expects to be on the leading edge of new time saving, profit enhancing products. They've grown to accept that outstanding quality and service is the norm at Nickson.